Goodbye 2018

We’re looking forward to all the fun that 2019 will bring but since we have a few hours left… let’s take a look back all the fun things we’ve done in 2018 (in no particular order):

We finally, officially changed our last names to Faxlandez.

Carissa had her deviated septum repaired.

Carissa went to see the play Corpus Christi at Richmond Triangle Players.

We both went to see Who’s Holiday at Richmond Triangle Players.

Carissa had LASIK surgery.

We witnessed spring for the first time in Richmond… it did not disappoint.

We had our annual couple’s massage.

We went to Washington, DC for a DC Comics event.

Carissa lost 35lbs. (and gained muscle) & Anthony lost 30lbs.

Anthony went to Los Angeles for his team meetup.

Carissa went to Playa del Carmen for her team meetup.

Anthony went to San Marcos for his best friend’s 300th graduation (Gwen we love you but you have to stop learning at some point).

Carissa visited her mom to care for her as she underwent surgery.

We went to Hampton, VA for our 3rd anniversary.

We went to Orlando for our company’s grand meetup.

We went to Dallas, Texas for a visit (and the Taylor Swift concert).

We went to San Antonio/Victoria/San Marcos, Texas for a close friend’s wedding, and managed to see family and friends while there. # # #

Wow we travelled too much this year… more to come next year, I’m already exhausted just thinking about it.

Carissa’s mom came to visit a handful of times.

Carissa and Diane took a trip to DC to visit Ford’s Theatre and also Mount Vernon. They also visited Texas Beach in Richmond.

Anthony’s dad visitedtwice.

We voted in the midterm elections.

We saw advance screenings of: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of GrindelwaldAquaman, Crazy Rich Asians, The Spy Who Dumped Me, Ready Player One, and probably more that we’re forgetting.

In all, we went to see 25 movies at the theater!

We fostered 9 cats and kittens (one of which was a hospice foster that passed away in September).

Speaking of cats, Carissa got allergy tested and found out she’s allergic to: pecans, cats, dogs, mice, eggs, and dust mites. This changes nothing.

We went to see Trevor Noah, Tiffany Haddish, and Aziz Ansari LIVE.

We also went to Virginia Beach to see Ludacris live.

Anthony turned 29.

Carissa turned 28.

Carissa attended the Luminary Ceremony for Operation Silent Night at Richmond Animal League.

We narrowly avoided tornadoes.

We experienced some bad rain and wind from Hurricane Florence.

Carissa started reading the Harry Potter series.

Anthony has collected a bunch more graphic novels and figures. One day he may even blog about them… yeah sure.

Carissa painted a room for the first time all on her own (yes a tiny half bathroom counts).

We DNA tested Mackey and Splotchy.

We each worked our butts off. Carissa started off the year doing a rotation on the WooCommerce (think eCommerce) side of the company and is now planning her team’s upcoming meetup. Anthony is now heading up the Quality team. Carissa is already tired of hearing from coworkers how amazing Anthony is (just kidding). Pst come work with us.

We experienced plenty of snow, a few times at the beginning of 2018, a few times (so far) at the end of 2018.

Snuffy, Mackey, Splotchy, Theodore, Miguel, and Morgan are all still alive and doing well. (We DNA tested Mackey and Splotchy)

We watched all 14 seasons (and change) of Grey’s Anatomy. It took us 105 days to watch all 324 episodes.


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