About Us

We met back in 2007 in the hallways of Memorial High School in Victoria, Tx. Anthony was a Senior and Carissa was a Junior at the time but we didn’t begin dating until September of that year. Fast forward a decade later…


On August 8, 2016 we tied the night on Clearwater Beach with our closest family and friends. In true Faxlandez fashion we read our vows from an iPhone, wore Apple Watches on our wrists, and had a family member live-stream the ceremony (unfortunately the audio did not work due to the noisy waves!).

Psst: This is when we decided to combine our last names Faxlanger + Hernandez = Faxlandez. After 2.5 years, we finally made it legal!

Together we have 6 pets: 4 dogs (Mackey, Splotchy, Theodore, and Miguel), 1 cat (Snuffy), and 1 chameleon (Morgan). The dogs and cat are all rescues as Carissa is an avid rescuer, volunteering her time building and maintaining the Take Me Home Pet Rescue website as well as other tech tasks for the local non-profit. You can read more about our pets here.

Carissa and Anthony both work as a Happiness Engineers for Automattic. This is the company that brings you WordPress.com (the service this site is built on), Jetpack, WooCommere, Tumblr, and more. Read a bit about a typical work day for Carissa here.

Throughout the years we have lived in Texas (Victoria, Dallas, Richardson, and Allen) and now we live in North Chesterfield, VA! On May 31, 2017 we closed on our first house, half way across the country.

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Photo Credit Teresa Harrelson – Facets of Life

We’re having a blast settling into our first house and exploring the area. If you have recommendations of cool places to check out, please let us know!

Finally with a home that we own, of course we’re decking it out when it comes to home automation including Samsung SmartThings sensors everywhere, a handful of Amazon Echo Dots, countless Hue bulbs, a Nest Thermostat, Nest Protect, Sonos, and more. A few years ago we tried to count how many devices we had connected to the Wifi (more effective than counting sheep, let me tell you). We got to about 25 and stopped counting. That was before we more fully automated our home so The count is probably up to about 40+ now.

Needless to say, our lives revolve around tech whether it be work-related our for personal use. We love to try out new devices and experiment with new technology and other stuff so we figured “why not share these experiences with friends that may also be interested?” hence this blog. When we have the time, we also may blog a bit about about TV shows, Movies, Graphic Novels, and other media we consume as the inspiration arises.

In 2019 we welcomed Wilhelmina Adelaide Faxlandez (Willa for short) into the world. It’s such a privilege to be her parents, she’s such a joy to be around and has made this parenting thing as easy as it could be!