We met back in 2007 in the hallways of Memorial High School in Victoria, Tx. Fast forward a decade later… and on August 8, 2015 we tied the knot on Clearwater Beach with our closest family and friends. In true Faxlandez fashion, we read our vows from an iPhone, wore Apple Watches on our wrists (much to our photographer’s dismay), and live-streamed the ceremony.

Around that time, we decided to combine our names from Faxlanger & Hernandez to Faxlandez, and a few years later we made that official.

We have 4 rescue dogs (Mackey, Splotchy, Theodore, and Miguel) that rule our home. You can read more about our pets here. We also usually have foster kittens or a foster cat set up in Carissa’s office. She spends a lot of her free time caring for our foster pets and also volunteers her time building and maintaining the Take Me Home Pet Rescue website as well as managing other various tech tasks for them. Talking about our family wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our beloved cat, Snuffy, who blessed us with her presence for over 15 years.

Carissa is a Happiness Engineer team lead for Automattic so she spends most of her days in Slack, writing P2 posts, and in Zoom calls. Automattic is the company that brings you WordPress.com (the service this site is built on), Jetpack, WooCommere, Tumblr, and more. Read a bit about a typical work day for Carissa here. Anthony is currently searching for a new career opportunity in employee experience, you can find him on LinkedIn here.

We used to live in Texas (Victoria, Dallas, Richardson, then Allen) but in May 2017 we closed on our first house, half way across the country in North Chesterfield, VA!

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Photo Credit Teresa Harrelson – Facets of Life

Finally with a home that we own, of course we began decking it out with home automation – lights, sensors, and so much more. At one point we tried to count how many devices we had connected to the Wifi, but quickly gave up after we passed 50.

In 2019 we welcomed Wilhelmina Adelaide Faxlandez (Willa for short) into the world. It’s a privilege to be her parents, she’s such a joy to be around and has made this parenting thing as easy as it could be!

As the years go by, we marvel at all the things she’s taught us and all the ways we’ve grown as a family. We look forward to what will come and pinch ourselves daily that we have Willa in our lives.

We love to collect things, try out new technology, watch TV and movies, and more, hence this blog! When we have the time, we’ll share posts about things we’ve found interesting or things going on in our lives. Hope you enjoy!

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