• How I Spent My Sabbatical

    How I Spent My Sabbatical

    My sabbatical ends today, boo hoo. (If you don’t know what I’m referring to, check out this post.) I had a nice 3 months off, but to be honest I spent my sabbatical different than I had ever planned to. I had always dreamed of traveling a ton during my sabbatical, but the pandemic really […]

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  • ABC (Always Be Childproofing)

    ABC (Always Be Childproofing)

    It’s been almost 2 weeks and I’m ready to share this unpleasant experience that our family, more specifically Willa, went through. I shared our story in a few parenting groups as a bit of a PSA, but wanted to post a longer version here as well in case it will help anyone. Don’t worry, I […]

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  • Our Potty Training (& Cloth Diapering!) Adventure

    Our Potty Training (& Cloth Diapering!) Adventure

    We’ve had a few 100% days lately so I think it’s time to announce… Willa is potty trained! I’m sure everyone has just been eagerly awaiting this news. Anyways, we achieved this by reading exactly 0 books and only happening upon potty training information via online groups and from some conversations with parents who have […]

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  • Day One of Sabbatical

    Day One of Sabbatical

    This morning started out like weekdays usually do – we got Willa ready for school and I dropped her off. The only difference was, I didn’t rush back home to start my work day. I won’t do that again until July 1, three months from now.

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  • My Fur Niece Clover’s DNA Results

    My Fur Niece Clover’s DNA Results

    My little sister (Loretta) and her boyfriend (Chris) adopted Clover from Adopt-A-Pet of Victoria, TX in December 2016. She was a puppy then but had already been returned for being unkind with children. She is such a great dog and has minimal reservations when it comes to well-behaved children, hardly a concern at all. Clover […]

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  • Thanks, Science!

    Thanks, Science!

    On March 20th, Anthony and I each had our first Moderna vaccines for COVID-19. Then on April 17th we received our second Moderna vaccines for COVID-19. So as of May 1st (2 weeks later) we are considered fully vaccinated aside from any boosters we may need later on down the road.

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  • Our Breastfeeding Journey

    Our Breastfeeding Journey

    Read all about our family’s journey with breastfeeding and how I chose to “exclusively pump” for Willa’s first year. Quick jump to:• How we arrived at exclusively pumping• Feeding fresh and the “Pitcher method”• The benefits of exclusively pumping• Weaning off the pump• Pumping Stats• Lessons Learned First, I want to start off by saying: […]

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  • Miguel is a… *insert drumroll*

    Miguel is a… *insert drumroll*

    About a week ago we sent off Miguel’s DNA sample to Wisdom Panel for analysis. We just received the results this morning and we’re honestly shocked and find them hilarious! Before we reveal the results, let’s take a look at everyone’s guesses from our post last week.

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  • What’s a “Miguel”?

    What’s a “Miguel”?

    Yet again another Black Friday (ok, so that was a few months ago…) has passed and we are the proud new owners of a Wisdom Panel 3.0 DNA test – now it’s Miguel’s turn! Shortly after test arrived in the mail, Anthony chickened out and decided he couldn’t swab Miguel’s cheeks on his own. So […]

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