My Fur Niece Clover’s DNA Results

My little sister (Loretta) and her boyfriend (Chris) adopted Clover from Adopt-A-Pet of Victoria, TX in December 2016. She was a puppy then but had already been returned for being unkind with children. She is such a great dog and has minimal reservations when it comes to well-behaved children, hardly a concern at all. Clover has a big (in size and age) dog brother Frankie, two cat brothers Toothless and Arrow, and countless foster animals coming through at all times.

We’ve always known Clover was 100% cutie, but always wondered exactly what breeds contributed to this really cool dog!

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Sensors: Making a “smart home” an “automated home”

Sure being able to control your fixtures using your phone or voice commands can be immensely useful, but what’s even more amazing is when things work “automagically”. This is where sensors come in. Over the years we’ve added motion sensors, open/close sensors, and presence sensors to our home in an effort to make things truly automated as much as possible.

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