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Thanks, science!

On March 20th, Anthony and I each had our first Moderna vaccines for COVID-19. Then on April 17th we received our second Moderna vaccines for COVID-19. So as of May 1st (2 weeks later) we are considered fully vaccinated aside from any boosters we may need later on down the road. Continue reading Thanks, science!

Our Breastfeeding Journey

Read all about our family’s journey with breastfeeding and how I chose to “exclusively pump” for Willa’s first year. Quick jump to:• How we arrived at exclusively pumping• Feeding fresh and the “Pitcher method”• The benefits of exclusively pumping• Weaning off the pump• Pumping Stats• Lessons Learned First, I want to start off by saying: … Continue reading Our Breastfeeding Journey

What’s a “Miguel”?

Yet again another Black Friday (ok, so that was a few months ago…) has passed and we are the proud new owners of a Wisdom Panel 3.0 DNA test – now it’s Miguel’s turn! Shortly after test arrived in the mail, Anthony chickened out and decided he couldn’t swab Miguel’s cheeks on his own. So … Continue reading What’s a “Miguel”?

A Faxlandez Baby

A week ago, Wilhelmina (Willa for short) Adelaide Faxlandez joined our family! She came into this world a bit early so naturally we’re unsure of everything, but at the same time we’re so excited to finally be parents. I wanted to put down some (ok a lot of) info on her entrance, just so I … Continue reading A Faxlandez Baby

Sensors: Making a “smart home” an “automated home”

Sure being able to control your fixtures using your phone or voice commands can be immensely useful, but what’s even more amazing is when things work “automagically”. This is where sensors come in. Over the years we’ve added motion sensors, open/close sensors, and presence sensors to our home in an effort to make things truly … Continue reading Sensors: Making a “smart home” an “automated home”


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