Texas Beach

Don’t be alarmed, the water you see in the photo with the train tracks is not Texas Beach. This was just my favorite photo from the hike from the parking lot to the beach on the James River.

After a long day at work, with bug spray in hand, my mom and I headed out for a short hike to Texas Beach.

After parking our car, the hike started off down a dirt path followed by many wooden stairs, some with very tall steps. After that we were back on a dirt path, all the while with red arrows pointing towards who-knows-what. At some point we came to a bridge.


The bridge didn’t have any signage, so we took a few photos on it (just because it looked cool), then continued on the path with red arrows. About half a mile later we came to some slippery rocks and continued down the path some more…

Shortly after going down this path we realized we were venturing further from the water rather than closer and we no longer were seeing red signs?? So we must have made a mistake somewhere. We came across a man on his bike and asked for some help getting to Texas Beach. He didn’t quite know which direction we should go, but at the same time along came a woman with a cute dog (no pictures, please forgive me) who offered to walk us back to the bridge seen above – as that was the path to Texas Beach!

This lady was super sweet. I say lady but she was about my age from the looks of it. We got to talking on our walk and she’s a military wife (husband is even in the Navy like my dad was). She’s also been living here about a year like I have. Those are some coincidences! We got to the bridge, thanked her, then parted ways.

So again we’re back at the bridge and I managed to snap this photo of the train tracks below and the top of the stairs on the other side. The stairs are covered in beautiful paintings of animals (bats, turtles, you name it). I regret not taking more photos of the murals.

Finally after descending the very tall staircase, we’re back on (muddy) ground. We walked maybe a quarter of a mile when we finally made it to the beach!

And before you ask, yes this is a beach even though that it’s the James River and not an ocean. What makes it a beach in my book? First, there is sand. Second, there are shells. You can see my mom picking one up to take home.

There were some visitors in their swimsuits laying out on the large rocks and playing in the water. Another man had brought his dinner to the beach and was enjoying that on a rock, how fun!


There was even a Canadian goose floating the river, poor thing was floating backwards but she/he didn’t mind. You can tell from the photo of the goose that it was getting very overcast so after spending a bit of time at the beach, we headed back on the trail and made it back to the parking lot and to the car just as it started to rain – what good luck we had!

I’ll have to bring Anthony by sometime, now that I know where I’m going. Here’s a map in case you’re wondering where all this went down:

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