Theodore is… *insert drumroll*

Yesterday, I published a post about DNA testing Theodore and gave you an option to make guesses as to what breeds he’s comprised of. Here’s what you all guessed: I’m sorry to disappoint, but Theodore isn’t a “Derp” or a “Meat Popsicle” but without further ado, he is… So there you have it. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Theodore is half “unknown” and … Continue reading Theodore is… *insert drumroll*

Theodore’s Origin Story

Theodore (aka “Buddy”, for reasons neither my fiancée nor I can explain) is my biggest, and most lovable Foster Failure. Yup, you read that right, I first fostered Theodore after he had spent about a year at Adopt-A-Pet with absolutely 0 interest from potential adopters. During my time volunteering for Adopt-A-Pet I was known for fostering either entire litters of kittens/puppies or the undesirables. Theodore fit my niche and when I had an opening, I took his sad self home.

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