Automattic Grand Meetup 2018

Almost 2 months ago, Anthony and I traveled to Orlando, FL for our company’s “Grand Meetup”. We had a blast!

See, the company we work for is distributed meaning we don’t work from one office but rather from home, coffee shops, coworking offices, or even from the road for those who are nomadic. To balance things out, for 1 week a year we all get together to hang out, learn, and work. Continue reading “Automattic Grand Meetup 2018”

Occamy & Luna Lovegood – SDCC 2017 Exclusive POP! Vinyls

San Diego Comic Con is finally here… well not here but in California! And with it come a handful of collectibles such as POP! vinyl figures. They partner up with national retailers to get these figures out to the masses so here are a few we snagged this year so far. Check out this beautiful Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them POP vinyl! It measures … Continue reading Occamy & Luna Lovegood – SDCC 2017 Exclusive POP! Vinyls