Introducing Spice & Clove

Warning: You probably cannot handle this cuteness.

About 2 days after arriving back home after a long trip to Orlando for our company’s Grand Meeutp and a short trip to Dallas for the Taylor Swift Reputation tour (I had snake pit tickets), a request from Richmond Animal League went out for a foster home for 2 little kittens. I jumped at the opportunity since it’s been several weeks since Squash (my terminally ill foster kitten) passed away and it was time for some happiness regarding kittens again. I still greatly miss that sweet boy whose life was so tragically short, but in his memory I’ll continue to foster as I have. Continue reading “Introducing Spice & Clove”

Playa del Carmen in May

Anthony and I have two set trips per year – once together for a week with the whole company, and once for a week with our own teammates. So I recently took a trip to Playa del Carmen in Mexico with 8 of my teammates! It was hot, humid, and the wifi was bad, but the weather was gorgeous and so was the city and all of the nature around it. Honestly this was one busy week so I’m not even sure how I remember what happened each day… Continue reading “Playa del Carmen in May”