Watching TV With Pets

These past few days we’ve not been able to get in the amount of TV that we normally watch, due to visiting family and enjoying great food. I hope you all have had an amazing Thanksgiving week/weekend so far if you’re in the US and/or celebrate. Today we’ll return home, so Sunday night we will be once again enjoying our regular TV consumption from the comfort of our couch with all of our pets… assuming they didn’t eat the entertainment center wires or chew up the couch, here’s hoping!

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Theodore’s Origin Story

Theodore (aka “Buddy”, for reasons neither my fiancée nor I can explain) is my biggest, and most lovable Foster Failure. Yup, you read that right, I first fostered Theodore after he had spent about a year at Adopt-A-Pet with absolutely 0 interest from potential adopters. During my time volunteering for Adopt-A-Pet I was known for fostering either entire litters of kittens/puppies or the undesirables. Theodore fit my niche and when I had an opening, I took his sad self home.

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