What’s a “Mackey”?

On Black Friday, once again Wisdom Panel 3.0 DNA tests for dogs went on sale, this time for only $49.99 (that’s more than 44% off)! I scooped up two – one for Mackey and another for Splotchy. We’ve just sent off the samples so we should hear back in a few weeks. Until then, I wanted to share a few photos of Mackey and a little about him, so we can all make guesses as to what breed(s) he is.

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Introducing Spice & Clove

Warning: You probably cannot handle this cuteness.

About 2 days after arriving back home after a long trip to Orlando for our company’s Grand Meeutp and a short trip to Dallas for the Taylor Swift Reputation tour (I had snake pit tickets), a request from Richmond Animal League went out for a foster home for 2 little kittens. I jumped at the opportunity since it’s been several weeks since Squash (my terminally ill foster kitten) passed away and it was time for some happiness regarding kittens again. I still greatly miss that sweet boy whose life was so tragically short, but in his memory I’ll continue to foster as I have. Continue reading “Introducing Spice & Clove”