Our Breastfeeding Journey

Read all about our family’s journey with breastfeeding and how I chose to “exclusively pump” for Willa’s first year. Quick jump to:• How we arrived at exclusively pumping• Feeding fresh and the “Pitcher method”• The benefits of exclusively pumping• Weaning off the pump• Pumping Stats• Lessons Learned First, I want to start off by saying: → → FED IS BEST ← ← Breast milk is … Continue reading Our Breastfeeding Journey

Sensors: Making a “smart home” an “automated home”

Sure being able to control your fixtures using your phone or voice commands can be immensely useful, but what’s even more amazing is when things work “automagically”. This is where sensors come in. Over the years we’ve added motion sensors, open/close sensors, and presence sensors to our home in an effort to make things truly automated as much as possible.

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