Memories of Snuffy

I wrote this post through a stream of tears. Happy tears for the many years Snuffy was with us, and sad tears that we’ve had to part ways. Snuffy passed away peacefully in my arms very early this morning. She was active and playful until her very last day, and for that we are very thankful.

Snuffy was my companion for over 15 years. She was with me through the end of high school, all of my college/university schooling, UTD graduation, marriage, the death of my Dad, moving across the US, bringing home Willa, and so much more.

I can’t really think clearly enough to write more about her and her spunky sweet personality. So I’ve compiled some photos and videos from over the years if you would like to memorialize her with me.

This was from the day I brought her home as a foster, she was about 8 months old.
She was spunky little thing as a “teenager”! String toys were always her favorite.

She loved to go everywhere in the car with me. I used to carry her in a pink bag into all kinds of places – Blockbuster and Best Buy (to visit Anthony) to name a few!

She loved to nap, particularly cuddled up to me or under a Christmas tree when it was the right season for that. Her purr was loud and nonstop.

She was often rewarded for a vet visit with some Starbucks whipped cream 🙂
A few times, she stayed with friends (such as when our A/C went out and when my Dad died) and she has a blast wherever she went. Here she’s seen at Carolyn’s house in the amazing foster cat room. Thank you Carolyn and Janet for extending your homes to her.
I once painted a photo of her and Theodore, with the help of my little sister Loretta and my friend Samantha (pictured, lol). This picture hangs above the desk in my office ❤
She was once featured in a Thrillist video that went semi-viral (she’s at 0:14)
She took care of me when I had surgery.
Snuffy wasn’t sure what we brought home from the hospital, but she was very intrigued!
She quickly determined that it was *her* job to clean the hairless kitten.
She LOVED her daddy and craved his attention near constantly. He pretended not to be absolutely smitten but we all know the truth.

During Willa’s bath times, Snuffy would make her way into the bathroom because she knew we were a captive audience – we would pet her the whole time as she enjoyed the warm and humid air.

Watching Willa and Snuffy’s bond develop was the absolute sweetest thing, Willa cared so much for her and talked to her like a friend.

September 1st was Snuffy’s estimated birthday. She turned 16 this year and we celebrated all the wonderful years we had with her so far. Little did we know that less than 2 weeks later we’d be saying our final goodbyes.

We are blessed to have known and loved her for so long but it’s never enough time, truly. She was a one-of-a-kind cat and I’ll never forget her.

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