My Fur Niece Clover’s DNA Results

My little sister (Loretta) and her boyfriend (Chris) adopted Clover from Adopt-A-Pet of Victoria, TX in December 2016. She was a puppy then but had already been returned for being unkind with children. She is such a great dog and has minimal reservations when it comes to well-behaved children, hardly a concern at all. Clover has a big (in size and age) dog brother Frankie, two cat brothers Toothless and Arrow, and countless foster animals coming through at all times.

We’ve always known Clover was 100% cutie, but always wondered exactly what breeds contributed to this really cool dog!

Loretta and Chris suspected she might have Chihuahua, Toy Fox Terrier, Rat Terrier, and Pinscher terrier. Friends and family agreed with those suggestions but also guessed she might have Whippet, Italian Greyhound, Pit Bull, and Poodle (really, poodle??).

So recently my mom and I gifted Loretta and Chris a Wisdom Panel Essential DNA kit (thank you, Black Friday deals!) to find out what breeds she’s comprised of. As soon as the test came in, Loretta quickly swabbed Clover’s cheek and sent it off to Wisdom Panel for analysis. Only a few weeks later she received an email that the results were in! Then Loretta told me that she would be waiting until Christmas to open the results.

Obviously I have basically 0 patience when it comes to things like this, so this wasn’t going to work for me. I immediately tried to convince Loretta to send me the results, promising that I would do a special DNA reveal for her and Chris on Christmas Eve. I’m very happy to share that Loretta caved and so this is why you are reading this post right now.

If you’re making final guesses as you read this post, here are a few more photos to help you decide:

Without further delay, here are the results!

Scroll to the bottom of this post to see ALL the breeds listed, it’s a VERY long list!

So as you see, Chris and Loretta were pretty spot on with their guesses! Clover is quite the mix with about 17 breeds floating around. Wisdom Panel also gives us a sample family tree which I found really hilarious to be honest.

Note that each great grandparent pairing is a primarily Chihuahua mix dog along with some other breed. It’s like her ancestors each had “a type” lol

In addition to this adorable mock-up of Clover’s family tree, Wisdom Panel recently started sharing data about relatives of the pet you submit DNA for. I’ll have to admit, I thought this was pretty gimmicky but it came with the DNA kit so of course we’re intrigued. Basically as more people submit DNA results for their dogs, it will analyze those and connect the dogs and show a percentage of their shared ancestory as well as categorize them as close, extended, or distant relatives.

So far they have identified 23 distant relatives of Clover’s including one dog that shares 5% of her DNA! The dog’s name is Bitzie and she lives in Fort Collins, CO apparently. Bitzie and Clover have 13 breeds in common, so it’s no surprise that she looks very similar to Clover only with a more traditional Toy Fox Terrier head color! Side note: I don’t think I can share a photo of Bitzie though as she’s not our dog and the photos were only provided within the Wisdom Panel database. There’s another dog, Mowgli, that shares 4% of Clover’s DNA. The other 21 dogs that are distant relatives of Clover’s share 1% of her DNA each, so they are very distant.

Wisdom Panel also analyzed Clover’s DNA to check for common genetic conditions that she may have – she was clear for all 29 that they check for, thankfully!

I suspect her father, Chris, may want to disown her now that he knows for sure she’s almost half Chihuahua. Just kidding, we will all love her the same – especially her Grandma Diane and myself, Aunt Carissa 🙂

Oh, and here’s the full list of ALL the breeds that make up Miss Clover:

  • Terrier Group
    • 41% Chihuahua
    • 19% Toy Fox Terrier
    • 4% American Hairless Terrier
    • 2% Dachshund
    • 2% Tenterfield Terrier
    • 2% Parson Russell Terrier
    • 1% Rat Terrier
  • Herding Group
    • 8% Australian Cattle Dog
    • 2% Australian Shepherd
    • 2% Border Collie
  • Sporting Group
    • 4% Cocker Spaniel
    • 2% Labrador Retriever
  • Companion Group
    • 2% Poodle (Toy and Miniature)
    • 2% American Eskimo Dog
  • Guard Group
    • 2% American Pit Bull Terrier
    • 2% Boston Terrier
  • Asian and Oceanian Group
    • 3% Chow Chow

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