Meet Yasmin, Graham, and Ryan

We’ve been back from our trip to Texas for a few days now, so when I received the email that Richmond Animal League needed foster homes for several cats and kittens, I signed us right up!

Saturday morning after PiYo I headed over to the shelter to pick up these three cuties.

They were from a litter of 8 (!!), so hopefully the other 5 get foster homes soon. They have an Upper Respiratory Infection (URI), so they’re on oral medicine 2 times a day. So far I’ve just noticed they’ve been a bit sneezy and had a bit of snot, but nothing we can’t overcome.

The shelter they were rescued from is currently experiencing a ringworm outbreak, but apparently in a different building than this litter was housed in. As soon as these kittens arrived at RAL they were lyme dipped just as a precaution, so hopefully we’ll remain in the clear with regards to ringworm.

I’ve chose to name them after the three companions currently on Doctor Who, seeing as how the series 11 finale is today. And in case you’re not a Whovian, or you’re not caught up on the latest series, these are their namesakes:

Above photos property of BBC One.

Only a few hours after arriving at our home, I walked into my office to find this scene:

It looks like they’re holding a meeting… but didn’t invite me! They weren’t even startled when I walked in, just cool as cucumbers.

Since then they’ve definitely started exploring my office. While I worked today they started playing with my feet, so they’re coming around very quickly.

In about two weeks (assuming they’re no longer ill), they will be spayed and neutered then listed on the website as ready for adoption. So they might not be at our home too long, but we’ll make the best of our time together of course.

Stay tuned for more updates on these three. If you want to see a bunch more updates, feel free to follow us on Instagram – @faxlandezfosters.

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