What’s a “Mackey”?

On Black Friday, once again Wisdom Panel 3.0 DNA tests for dogs went on sale, this time for only $49.99 (that’s more than 44% off)! I scooped up two – one for Mackey and another for Splotchy. We’ve just sent off the samples so we should hear back in a few weeks. Until then, I wanted to share a few photos of Mackey and a little about him, so we can all make guesses as to what breed(s) he is.

Mackey is about about 9 years old, with an approximated DOB of October 2nd, 2009. He came into Adopt-A-Pet of Victoria, TX on November 13th of 2009 and Anthony and I officially adopted him a few months later on March 13th. He’s a solid 22 lbs, but he should weigh about 18-19 if we’re being honest.

The very first photo I took of Mackey, before he was ours.

He came into AAP with a handful of siblings, the whole family was fostered by Carol Klages. Anthony was living on his own in Dallas and I thought it’d be a great idea for him to adopt a dog so he’d have some company.

Mackey (Earl) and his little sister Petunia. Isn’t she adorable?!

Mackey (named Earl at the time) and his sister Petunia were the last two still in foster care and Carol needed someone to watch them for a weekend, so I brought them to our house in Victoria for a playdate. We had our sights set on Petunia, but as soon as Anthony met Mackey, they two instantly bonded. Mackey climbed right up in his lap and that was all it took.

I raised Mackey for a few months to potty train him as well as get him through his neuter surgery and all of his vaccinations. So naturally we took a ton of photos when it was just Mackey and Mommy.

Soon enough, it was time for Anthony to bring Mackey to his apartment in Dallas. I was bummed as I would only get to see Mackey when they visited or when I went to visit, but around this time Apple FaceTime became a thing!

And then there were two! I convinced Anthony that his new puppy needed a friend so he also wouldn’t be lonely. So in 2010 we adopted his perfect companion, Splotchy.

(We’re DNA testing Splotchy as well, so keep your eyes peeled for a post on him!)

Here are a few more shots of Mackey from over the years.

Oh and check out this video of Mackey willingly taking his deworming medication, he’s the only dog I’ve ever had that will do this.

So, after taking a look at these photos, if you have a few guesses as to what Mackey is, let us know in the poll below!

PS: With this poll you can add your own guesses and others can vote on them too, so don’t feel limited by these few options I have… those are just a starting place. You can also select multiple options if you have a few breed guesses since he’s obviously a mix.

I’ll post the results here as soon as we receive them, so follow our blog by clicking the Follow button at the right and you’ll receive an alert once it’s posted!

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