Introducing Spice & Clove

Warning: You probably cannot handle this cuteness.

About 2 days after arriving back home after a long trip to Orlando for our company’s Grand Meeutp and a short trip to Dallas for the Taylor Swift Reputation tour (I had snake pit tickets), a request from Richmond Animal League went out for a foster home for 2 little kittens. I jumped at the opportunity since it’s been several weeks since Squash (my terminally ill foster kitten) passed away and it was time for some happiness regarding kittens again. I still greatly miss that sweet boy whose life was so tragically short, but in his memory I’ll continue to foster as I have.

Now that I’ve wiped up my tears, let me introduce you to Spice and Clove, two bouncing baby girl kittens.

Sneak peak on the way home from the shelter:

Their first “fancy” portraits taken on my DSLR:

As usual, when I picked up these two stinkers I forgot to ask anything about their history. I often get asked where they came from and this is my exact reaction:🤷‍♀️ (the shrugging emoji if you can’t see it for some reason)

Well, a few days after I brought Spice and Clove home, I posted this video of them in the RAL Foster Parents group:

This video doesn’t exist

Now that your hearts have all collectively exploded… Of course the other foster parents all had such sweet comments to leave, but one fellow foster parent chimed in that they’re fostering the siblings to Spice and Clove! I don’t know their names, but just check out these pictures they sent me of the siblings:

A black and white, a tuxedo, and an orange and white – such variety in this litter!

I still have no clue where they came, but it’s all water under the bridge anyways – they won’t remember. The only other info I really have about them is that they’re about 6 weeks old now. They’ll likely get spayed towards the end of this month and right after that they’ll be available for adoption. Since they’re some of the only kittens this age right now (kitten season is winding down), I expect they’ll get adopted pretty quickly. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re super friendly and easy to take photos of for the website if they even make it to the site.

Speaking of their socialization… Spice is super affectionate. She will come running to visitors to my office, whilst meowing her little head off. She’s a noisy little thing, but that seems pretty on-brand for a calico (in this case a caliby = calico + tabby). Her sister Clove (the “buff” and white kitten) is a little less outgoing but still friendly with a strong purr. She doesn’t approach as willingly as Spice, but once you’re holding her she relaxes and loves to sit in a lap… but not for too long as they are active kittens after all.

Another thing they excel at is sleeping. Goodness these kittens play hard and then nap even harder. Here are just *some* of the photos I’ve taken of them sleeping since I picked them up less than a week ago:

And here are some videos I’ve taken of them so far (while awake):

This video doesn’t exist
This video doesn’t exist
This video doesn’t exist
This video doesn’t exist
This video doesn’t exist

If you’re on Instagram, make sure to follow @faxlandezfosters for more cuteness there! I’ll plan to regularly make updates here with some of the cutest/most important info 🙂

PS: Even Anthony can’t resist their cuteness.

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