Forrest – Rest In Peace

Forrest was a fancy rat that belonged to my sister, Loretta, and her boyfriend, Chris. They had Forrest for about 2 years, and recently he fell ill.

Unfortunately his little body couldn’t overcome his illness due to his older age, so today they had to make the hard decision to say goodbye so that he no longer continued to suffer.

Forrest came into their lives on June 5, 2016 and for the last 2 years he has been such a spunky and silly boy. He played with the cats (read: he liked to chase them around!) and I remember one video Loretta sent me where she let him take a manilla envelope and he just ran off with the whole thing!

For Christmas 2016, Loretta asked me to take some family photos of her with Chris and all of their animals (at the time they had Forrest along with 1 dog, 1 cat, and 1 hermit crab that is apparently immortal).

Forrest’s photoshoot was separate from the full-family photos since he was such a lively little rat, but here’s how that turned out:

Loretta, Toothless, Chris, and Frankie Christmas 2016

I thought I had taken more photos of Forrest in the time that I knew him 😦 He was such a cool rat. Since I don’t have many of my own photos to share, these are some of my favorite photos that Loretta took of him:

Rest in peace little Forrest. I’ll always remember the time you peed and pooped me when I was wearing the only pants I brought with me on my visit.

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