Hildegard – Foster Cat

Hildegard is my second foster cat for the local animal shelter – Richmond Animal League. I’ve enjoyed fostering cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens since I was 16 years old – 12 years ago!

She was a perfect model for this photoshoot!

We began fostering Hildegard in January 2018. She came from a rural shelter and I believe she was pregnant (although, she was spayed shortly after intake).

She started off a bit scared and hissy, as seen in this photo.

Hildegard LOVES food, so this has helped her come around to us, along with our gentle encouragement.

She’s so comfortable now that she sleeps with her belly exposed, and she’ll rub on my legs while I’m working!

I highly recommend fostering pets if you’re able, it’s a very rewarding experience and the animals benefit greatly from it. If you’re interested, you can read more about fostering pets here. Many times I hear “I couldn’t foster, it would be too hard to let them go, I’d get too attached”. I’ve had a few of those cases, but if you set your own expectations properly it’s easy to let them go to the perfect forever homes. Also, without foster families more animals would per his in shelters than they already do… I’d rather have a little bit of a broken heart than let animals suffer and die – a broken heart can heal over time.

UPDATE: I returned Hildegard to the shelter in April so that she could be seen by potential adopters now that we had helped her with socialization and the following weekend she was adopted! 🎉

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