Occamy & Luna Lovegood – SDCC 2017 Exclusive POP! Vinyls

San Diego Comic Con is finally here… well not here but in California! And with it come a handful of collectibles such as POP! vinyl figures. They partner up with national retailers to get these figures out to the masses so here are a few we snagged this year so far.

Check out this beautiful Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them POP vinyl! It measures about 6 inches and is super shiny. Not super heavy and is sure to brighten up our bookcase next to our Harry Potter wands and other collectibles.

Only $20 from Hot Topic.

The Luna Lovegood (with glasses) POP! vinyl turned out super cute too, even down to the tiniest detail – her earrings and ring. She doesn’t stand up on her own due to all the hair, but the included plastic circle takes care of that.

This one was even cheaper at only $15 from Hot Topic. 

And because I’m a mean friend, here’s the one we picked up for our friend Gwen today. Sure I’ll ship him out soon, but until then I’ll probably torture her a bit more. Maybe I’ll even take him out of the box. I’M KIDDING.

Gwen purchased this SDCC exclusive Harry Potter (on broom) POP! vinyl from Barnes and Noble for $15. 

Anthony (out of his own spending money) also ordered the Domez: Gravity Falls 8 piece Box Set from GameStop for $30, but of course they haven’t come in yet. For those not aware, they’re these adorable Digimon figures in (you guessed it) domes. We’ll have to post again when they arrive.

Did you pick up any San Diego Comic Con exclusive this years? If so, share pics of what you got, we’d love to see more of what’s out there.

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