Summer just wouldn’t be summer without advance movie screenings just about every day. We even skipped out on a screening of  Everything Everything yesterday so we could  stay home and start packing up the office.

But today, we made an effort to leave the house so we could make it to AMC Northpark (yes, the movie theatre on the 3rd floor of the fancy mall in Dallas) to see an advanced screening of Baywatch.

Warning: I don’t claim to have spoiler-free posts, so if you are super duper opposed to spoilers come back after you’ve seen the movie. That said, I try not to spoil anything that important if I can help it.

Going in, we were both a bit skeptical on the quality of movie we were about to see, but it surpassed all of our hopes! Yes, it was a bit corny here and there, but The Rock and supporting cast managed to make comedy out of this movie reboot of an old TV classic.

And to put your worries at ease: There was plenty of slow-mo running (including the boobs bouncing) sprinkled throughout the movie. Also, David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson both make cameos in the movie, so be on the lookout (Hasselhoff’s part is a bit larger) as that was pretty cool.

Clearly by Anthony’s Facebook post, he enjoyed the movie as much as I did.

So do as he says – if you’re on the fence and thinking about going you better do it when it comes out next week! Stay tuned, next week we’re seeing an advanced screening of Rough Night 😀

PS: If you want to know how to get tickets to advanced screenings in your area, sign up here to get email alerts of when they’re available. But be warned, if you’re not quick you’ll miss out!


While Anthony would rate the movie at 4 stars, I’m going to go with 3. The little bit of romance that made it into the movie just wasn’t enough for me. Perhaps I’d rate it higher if I was more into boobs or the original series at all. 😉

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