Absolute Watchmen

Older version of the same book

The Watchmen in trade paperback was the first graphic novel Anthony acquired as an adult (I mean, if you want to call him that), and recently the Absolute Edition of this novel caught his eye online. This Absolute Edition has re-coloring done to it and of course comes in larger print. I’m sure we’ll have to keep the original for “sentimental purposes” though.

After a few days of begging for some spending money Anthony’s wish was granted and the book was on it’s way from In Stock Trades. About a week later it arrived at our door among copious amounts of packing peanuts, but there was one catch: we were 6 hours away visiting family!

We arrived home yesterday to find the package safely tucked inside by our trusty petsitter who has no doubt lugged in many packages over the years. Before we even unpacked our luggage, Anthony was unwrapping his new pride and joy.

He’s yet to crack open the cover more than for just a peak, but as soon as Anthony’s has had time to give it a read we’ll post an update.

The back cover of the novel along with the slip case.

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