Absolute Superman For Tomorrow

Me: You PROMISE this is the last book you’re buying before we move, right?

Anthony: 😦 Yes

Two weeks later

Me: Ok, fine you can buy that book.

Anthony: Yay!

Me: Wait a minute, you never stopped buying books before the move!!

Yep, I’m a pushover. I really don’t want to have to pack up and ship more graphic novels but I almost can’t help it when a book is priced this well and he puts on a puppy dog face.

Here’s what the back looks like in case you were wondering.

Half Price Books has this book listed for $39.99 online but in-store it was priced at $29.99. Anthony also used his birthday coupon (as a bargaining chip) to further discount the price to $25.50 pre-tax. If you check out Amazon, they want $55.45 for it, so I think he did good.

We wen’t in the market for this book exactly, but Anthony had some time to kill when we were in San Marcos on Thursday (I was conveniently at the outlet mall with family and friends). This is precisely why Anthony loves to stop by Half Price Books when he gets the chance, you just never know what you’ll come across – sometimes it’s a steal or something unique you can’t find online easily.

PS: If you live near a Half Price Books (or, like, 10 in our case) and you’re not on their email list, DO IT NOW. I don’t know what you’re waiting for. They do tons of promotions including a few times a year up to 50% off. you also get a coupon for your birthday and if you go to a convention that they’re a vendor at you can get additional coupons there too.

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