Home from Italia

It was finally time to say goodbye to Italia after our stops in Venezia (Venice), Firenze (Florence), and Roma (Rome). Time to head back home to our family, friends, and pets.

First stop? Dusseldorf where we had a pretty long layover. So naturally we had a bit of German food and converted our remaining Euros back to USD… oh how Anthony missed USD.

When we got back to the US (JFK, New York) we had a long time going through customs, mainly because Anthony and I were separated and he ended up in a much longer line for some reason that I still don’t understand. When we exited the airport we realized it had been snowing in New York! We settled into our hotel for the night and ordered an Uber to take us to dinner with my mom’s cousin, John, who lives and works in New York City.

I didn’t take any photos of our time in NYC other than blurry ones in the Uber ride from dinner to our hotel, so just imagine with me.

The next morning we said our goodbyes. Mom went back to South Carolina while Anthony and I went back to Dallas. We were physically and emotionally exhausted, it was a long trip but so worth every bit of money and exhaustion.


Would we go to Italy again? I would in a heartbeat, but we both agreed – it would be to Venezia (Venice). We fell in love with the city. It was easy to navigate, easy to communicate, and just charming. I’m up for a trip to Venice for a relaxing spa week anytime!

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