The Flash Mini Teddy Bear

A few days ago, we stopped by our local comic book and games shop (Madness Games & Comics) and fell in love with this little cutie. He watched our larger Flash teddy bear at home, so we just had to have him.

Here’s a shot of father and son chilling together in our office where they tower over the smaller, less furry figures and collectibles. We’ll be taking updated photos soon of our whole collection on the bar, stay tuned!

Don’t they look pleased to be reunited? 🙂

We love Madness Games & Comics, so much so that we stop by all the time just to walk around to see what new stuff they’ve got. If you’re ever in the Plano, Tx area you must stop by. They have tables for the gamers, loads of T-Shirts, bookcases and bookcases of graphic novels, and about half the store is dedicated to board games of every variety. No, we don’t get paid to endorse them, in fact they probably just know us as the couple who are usually bickering down the aisles, but they’re a great business to frequent in the area.

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