Killer Frost Bombshells Limited Edition

A few weeks back, Anthony picked up this beautiful figure at Titan Comics in Dallas for about $120. They had a few of the regular edition ones on hand, but by chance an associate came by as we were browsing and suggested we check out the Limited Edition “sparkly” figure. And boy were we in for a treat!

So you could see just how sparkly her cap, skirt, and ski boots are, I captured a quick video.

Titan Comics (at the corner of Webb Chapel Rd & Forest Ln, just shut of 635) is a great place to stop in if you’re looking for figures or graphic novels. They don’t have too much else, but in these two areas they are well stocked and very knowledgeable. Although we live in Allen and it’s quite a drive to this part of Dallas, we’re happy to make the drive to check out new arrivals every so often. While in the shop for this visit we heard they would be soon moving to another location in the same shopping center, more space is necessary it seems! We’re looking forward to seeing their new location soon.

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