The Hair.

No, this post isn’t about a certain famous head of hair that we have all had to look at for the last year (and for a few more now).

This is about the hair I have to actually look at. Every. Single. Day.

Over the last almost 10 years, this hair has been through a lot.

Now, the reason I write this is not to just showcase all the wonderful hairstyles over the year, but rather to propose a question that we have been thinking about for a while: What to do with the hair going forward. To give you a frame of reference, this is what it looks like now:

Since getting longer, his hair has become insanely curly! Adorable locks of curls, though sometimes the curls are a bit unruly…

PS: Yes, I have told him to get his haircut probably 100 times since his last haircut was in May, so just telling him to “get a haircut” is obviously not going to work.

If you have suggestions for a haircut style, drop them in the comments.

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