TV, Not Tacos

It was Taco Tuesday and I didn’t get any tacos, but I sure got a ton of great TV to watch, so I’ll let this one slide. We were busy this evening selling items on Facebook Marketplace but still managed to get home in time for The Flash and a few others.


The Flash
S03 E08
“Invasion! (2)”

It’s true that last night was technically the first night of the 4-part crossover, I would hardly call it that considering Cisco and Barry were only in about 5 minutes worth of Supergirl. So tonight we began rounding up all of the heroes from all 4 shows spanning 2 different Earths and different times/timelines.

With that said, I’m so glad that Felicity finally got the line “Best. Teamup. Ever.” out so maybe we can stop seeing it in every promo? Probably not, we’ll still see that through the end of the week I bet.

Throughout the course of the episode, I got the feeling that Cisco, HR, and Wally would wind up banding together united against the heroes, but that hasn’t happened (yet). The mind-control did throw a pretty big wrench in the whole plan though on it’s own.

Poor Wally can’t get anyone to support him! At least maybe now with helping out in a time of great need he will be able to win over his dad and Iris so that he can participate more in Team Flash. We’ll see how the remainder of the week pans out for him.

All-in-All I think this is turning out to be a great crossover event. I’m interested to see how Arrow’s tone affects the crossover and also what action is left over for the Legends of Tomorrow episode!


Chicago Fire
S05 E07
“Lift Each Other”

Sometimes I read the episode titles and I wonder what it may be referring to. In the opening crisis, I see that Casey literally lifts the boy up to help him regain consciousness. I’m sure that’s not the only reason for the episode title though…

I really think that Chief Boden’s Stepson, James (Juan Lozada), would make a great addition to the show. He seems to be a relatively undiscovered actor as of yet, so maybe he’ll get a recurring spot. He looks nice in the fire suit! Maybe he’ll be back in a few seasons. Glad that we could get to the bottom of the mysterious bruises and that Boden wasn’t suspended for too long (or fired). Seems like Boden is lifting his stepson, and his stepson is lifting his mother.

Sheesh Casey couldn’t be more sensitive. He wears his heart on his sleeve, always. Anthony said he made the right call not telling Gabby when he found out that the boy had passed, and looking at how the family reunion/anniversary celebration ended… I’d say he’s right.

Brett is the best sister Gabby never had!!! ❤ She’s so supportive and sweet, glad to see she is becoming part of the Dawson family sort of. Would almost say she was lifting Gabby. It was very sweet when Gabby found out the boy had passed, she reacted with gratitude and appreciation that Casey would put her needs before his (in a way, lifting her).

We just saw a similar situation on Scorpion recently, where a child fell into another substance that’s similar to quicksand. I’d never seen the board and dig-out solution before though, so that was pretty cool. This seemed to be the more realistic of the two quicksand crises, sorry Scorpion.

This was definitely the strongest episode this season so far, in my opinion. Anthony seemed to agree. We suspected this might be the Fall Finale, but that’s actually next week!


This Is Us
S01 E09
“The Trip”

Spending some time in the cabin they all enjoyed as children gave me all the feels! Good idea Kate.

“She’s British, she speaks English” ehhh, I’m not so sure about that. Kate seriously has some of the best one-liners, and Chrissy Metz plays the role perfectly. BTW – it’s important to note that this episode marks the first time we’re seeing Kevin, Kate, and Randall all together on one screen.

Anthony can’t do the Magic Eye artwork just like Kevin, but I can! Wait, who the heck is crashing their cabin getaway?! Not cool, not cool at all Kevin.

Holy crap though, Olivia put Kate right in her place. Anthony’s comment on this interaction: “Burns like that are what start forrest fires” 😐 Apparently my husband is also full of one-liners.

And now not only do we have Kate, Kevin, and Randall all on one screen, we’re also seeing Randall and his father face-to-face (thanks to the ‘shroom smoothie) for a heartfelt discussion. Although he and his past mother didn’t get to talk, he had plenty to say to her.

The beautiful scene with Rebecca keeping everything “out” was breath-taking. I’m still mad at her, but can understand her actions a bit more now.

Watching Rebecca disappear on William, Randall’s birth father, made me feel sick to my stomach. I can’t believe that someone could treat another person that way, she broke his already fragile heart. I’m sure that did not help the recovering addict one bit.

Tiny little Randall in his robe is just precious! The initiation at the martial art class was so touching.

Yep, I cried. I cried while Rebecca’s voice read the letter to William. I cried again when the other fathers in the martial arts class took over with the pushups. I cried AGAIN when we saw the cover of the book William was writing. Then I cried a little more when he confronted his mother at her front door, then walked away. It should be noticed that Anthony made a sound like he was crying right around this time, but he assures me he just had a runny nose.


On that note, I’m going to go cuddle in bed with one or more of my dogs. Feel free to leave a note in the comments on what you thought if you watched any of these episodes! Also, if you had tacos this Tuesday, please keep that to yourself 😉

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