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We’re exhausted but glad to be back home after a 4-day trip to visit family for Thanksgiving. With a 6-hour drive today, we didn’t have much in us to watch TV but we managed to knock out 2 of our can’t-miss shows each week: Madam Secretary & Shameless.


Madam Secretary
S03 E08
“Breakout Capacity”

This week’s episode just goes to show you – the president (and their staff) is never off duty, even on Election Day! I truly wonder how many situations like this are going on in our country right this moment or other times when we least expected it.

Anthony and I both busted out laughing at both dog-related instances. First when Nadine was speaking to the Secretary on the phone and the heeler began barking. Again when he ran right up to Nadine in the office, singling her out. Nadine is busted! Hope to see more of that relationship develop, they seem too cute for words!

I find it comical that M Sec has been sort of mimicking real life in regards to the bizarre election, even down to the more bizarre winner (presented at the beginning of the season). We know at some point that Dalton loses, but I wonder if that isn’t the end of the road for Dalton. Time will tell!

We don’t always get to see a stern Henry McCord, but his talk with Jason was completely necessary and something I wish more parents would say to their children when warranted.


S07 E09

Ever wondered what the raised train tracks from Shameless look like in real life? In August we took a few shots of the construction crew at work while we were in Chicago (aka WB’s backlot). I think of the tour we took every time I see a train shot or hear the train! We also had a chance to see Patsy’s Pies very up close and personal.. so close that any shots we took of the diner didn’t come out at all, I’m afraid.

This week’s Shameless brought back Monica. What on earth is she doing back?! (More on that later)

I understand that Debbie definitely has made many mistakes when it comes to Franny, but the paternal grandmother and aunt have no right to that baby. At first I couldn’t believe that Debbie let Monica get involved, but it ended up working out for now. So glad that the DCFS worker was able to lay down the law and share a bit of common sense. Hopefully that’s the last we see of that.

The laundromat looks fantastic! All of the scenes in the laundromat make it seem like a place you could go to clean your laundry without being shivved now, which is a welcome change. We juuuuuuuuust noticed that the photos above are of the laundromat! We took these photos a few weeks before season 7 premiered, so we had no idea what we were taking photos of.

Frank is totally taking advantage of Etta, but so far it doesn’t seem like such a poor situation… until she starts having lucid moments! I wonder if all this interaction is helping her remember a bit more of what’s happening in real life? That could be very dangerous for Frank, but hopefully he will still be kind to her and take care of her. Though it is Frank so let’s not bet on that.

Glad to see that Kev, V, and Svetlana decided to try out thruples counseling. It seems to be helping already, until all this nonsense about Svetlana owning the bar?! Interested to see how that picks back up next week. I’m sure it will be addressed. My absolute favorite part of thruples counseling was when the therapist asked Kevin what he heard and all he repeated back was “She gives oral”. That was priceless.

It was nice to see Trevor and Monica meet, in fact Monica seemed more accepting of Trevor’s transition than Ian was at first. At least, she probably has more experience in that world than Ian does, so I guess it makes sense. I knew the moment they mentioned IDs that the issue was the pre-transition photo. We’re all a bit touchy about our license photos, I think. But to have a different version (gender) of yourself staring back at you on the ID, that must be difficult to stomach at times. PS when Ian arrived back at the Gallagher house I totally said “Fucking Monica” at the exact same time he did.

Here’s hoping that Sierra’s “Come to Jesus” talk with Lip helps him out in life. I don’t think there’s chance in hell that she will get back with him (and for good reason), but he needed a swift kick in the junk to get his head back on straight. We’ll see if that did the trick soon I suppose.

Fiona’s interaction with the evil Yelper was something that every business owner imagines doing but can’t actually do. ? Good for her, hopefully it doesn’t come back to bite her!


Head’s up – now that we’re back home, we’ll be back to regular TV consumption tomorrow (starting with Supergirl and part 1 of the week-long crossover). What will you be watching live Monday night?

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