Happy Cyber Monday!

The Monday after Thanksgiving is always a bit rough, returning to the office (or in my case, my desk) after a few days off and fun time with the family. I hope that Cyber Monday helped you ease back into the M-F, 9-5!

We picked up a Samsung SmartThings starter kit this evening from Best Buy and have already gotten it all setup with our Nest (Thermostat and Protect), Philips Hue lights, and the outlet (powering our Scentsy). Do you have a smart home? If so, what “things” do you have and use? Of course, all of this took about no time to setup with the Samsung SmartThings app so we had plenty of time for some live and recorded TV this evening.


S02 E08
“Medusa (1)”

Yay, this episode started off on a lighter note like The Flash or that one episode of Arrow. ?

Me at first: “I knew that the crossover would start early in the episode!! I called it!! Suck it Anthony!!”
Me the rest of the episode: “WTF where is the crossover???” (continue reading for more on this…)

I figured that Mon-El would be stronger than Cyborg Superman, but clearly I was wrong. That’ disappointing but doesn’t make him any less handsome.

Love seeing the Fortress of Solitude. I thought we had only seen it a few times, but according to the Supergirl wiki, this is at least the 7th time it’s been seen or mentioned in Supergirl. Was anyone else surprised that the crystal from the Fortress of Solitude would work with computers at the DEO? I mean, it’s a crystal not a flash drive!

Alex coming out to her mother (or rather her mother putting 2-and-2 together) was suuuuuuuper duper corny. I mean, it needed to happen but with the way that Kara responded, you’d think approaching their mother wouldn’t be made out to be such a big deal.

Anthony suggested a new slogan for the CW based on Kara’s words to Lana Luther: “Be your own hero.”. I like it!

Squeeeeeeeee ???? Finally Mon-El and Kara kissed! Fast forward to the end of the episode and now we’re denying it even happened happened. Dangit!

Honest Question: Do we blame Cisco or the CW for the “crossover” part of this episode lasting only a mere 1 minute/1 scene? I mean, come on! They hyped it up as a 4-part crossover, and this was hardly a 3.05 part crossover based on the very limited amount of Flash characters bleeding over. However, with that said this was the Fall Finale, so I can understand why the whole episode was not absorbed by the week-long crossover.

Who’s watching tomorrow night, the best part of the crossover – The Flash?


Jane the Virgin
S03 E07
“Chapter Fifty-One”

Catholic Guilt is a real thing. Jane’s grandmother is a great source of the Catholic guilt from the constant remarks to the infamous flower, whether or not she means to be or not, she is the Queen of Guilt Trips in my book.

This episode was very Catholic-heavy, I especially liked Michael’s admission to being a “C&E Catholic” meaning he goes to church primarily on Christmas and Easter. I remember going to church each Sunday but those church days the parking lots were particularly full and you could barely get a seat! I think the main reason for “C&E Catholics” is that families are all together and because the churches are so much more festive on those holidays.

The matchmaker love dealer scenes reminded me of Patti Stanger’s The Millionaire Matchmaker before they even called her out on-screen. I also predicted that the love dealer would offer to be Rogelio’s baby momma. She seems slightly normal, so I’m sure something is wrong with her and that will be revealed in time.

Rafael is not a Solano! I knew something was up the minute his mom (in the flashbacks) said “I told you Mommy would come back for you” but I was thinking the secret was that she was not his mom, turns out that Emilio Solano was not his father! As the show stated – this changes everything. First thing that came to my mind was that Petra can’t really own the Marbella then, right?


The Librarians
S03 E02
“And the Fangs of Death”

I knew those sounds coming from Charlene’s chambers were those of pleasure and not of torture… but didn’t quite know what kind of pleasure if you catch my drift. It’s implied that more than just innocent massages were occurring. gasp

The scene with Eve and Flynn on a mini vacation was long overdue. We don’t often get a glimpse into their personal lives together, this was a cute little moment and gone in the blink of an eye when…

Shit, did Ezekiel just get bit by a walker ancient Egyptian werewolf? I’m glad that this show is not very gory like TWD and others (that’s why I finally stopped watching TWD about 2 seasons back, and the cyclical nature of the show).

I think it was pretty obvious that the Canadian was Apep… no one (even a Canadian) is that peppy and nice while drudging though the woods with perfect strangers.

Ugh, I can’t believe Flynn flaked on Eve once again! Hopefully this time she will once again be waiting around for him when he returns. Though I can’t say I’m entirely surprised by this as Noah Wyle was expected to be missing for 3 out of the 10 episodes this season, and I certainly didn’t expect Eve to also be missing for those episodes as well!


S01 E08
“Bad Deals”

Oh, this is a nice turn of events, we’re opening one of Sam’s cases. I agree that he can’t be objective, but he is the most familiar with the case so he can at least get them up to speed on his side of things. And as long as there is oversight, things should be fine.

Normally when the CIU meets with a prisoner they expect to have someone working to free them, not so much this time! However, this is much more normal for each case – family of the victim is upset that the case is being reviewed. I get it, but at the same time wouldn’t you want to know for sure that you got the correct person?

I had no clue that this was a “last shot” sort of deal – if the CIU spends a week on the case and decide the conviction stands, that’s the end of the line for the prisoner.

Hayes lying to the AUSA to help Conner Wallace wasn’t exactly surprising, but her figuring out the whole scenario was impressive. I’ll be interested to see if their relationship comes back from this in the remaining few episodes.


If you know me, you know that I volunteer for Take Me Home Pet Rescue. Well, we’re running an Online Auction that you can get in on if you click this link. All proceeds benefit TMHPR and the dogs and cats of our community. Many of the items would make great holiday gifts, so maybe you can finish up your holiday shopping from the comfort of your couch while helping homeless pets! Thanks ❤

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