Watching TV With Pets

These past few days we’ve not been able to get in the amount of TV that we normally watch, due to visiting family and enjoying great food. I hope you all have had an amazing Thanksgiving week/weekend so far if you’re in the US and/or celebrate. Today we’ll return home, so Sunday night we will be once again enjoying our regular TV consumption from the comfort of our couch with all of our pets… assuming they didn’t eat the entertainment center wires or chew up the couch, here’s hoping!

If anyone wants to take a look at what it’s like watching TV at our house… just check out our footrests.


img_7250 img_7251

It’d be nice if we could use the footrests for their intended purpose, but it seems our dogs & cat have determined they are great pet beds, so alas we must share, even if that means crunching up our legs and being uncomfortable. Who else has this issue? We can’t be the only ones…


S01 E07
“A Simple Man”

I have to say this first and foremost: I will miss this show when it’s gone. It’s a great show filled with substance and the relationships and characters are all interesting. I truly wish we could continue to see them grow, but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen.

When this week’s episode began, I was worried at hearing that someone had died… then I remembered how tragically last week’s episode ended! I don’t like seeing Maxine fall off the wagon and back into her drug addiction, hopefully they will still have time to explore that a bit the remainder of this season

They handled the “documentary” style episode even better than Castle did. I didn’t feel queasy from watching the bits from the doc cameras like I did with Castle. Though, I do think the CIU team could have been a bit less oppositional to the documentary team, their despise went a bit overboard.

I loved the prisoner in this episode. The actor (Jason Furlani)) did an amazing job of coming across as simple, innocent, and he was convincing too! The writing here also went a long way – the pinky swear, M&Ms, and the missing pants at their first meeting are just a few of the touches that really sold his story.

The blow horn Hayes brings to disrupt the documentary was both hilarious and annoying. Thankfully for both the cameramen and us viewers it didn’t last very long!

I googled it, and kitty litter + vegetable oil can maybe cause spontaneous combustion. Just to be on the safe side I think I’ll keep that in mind when disposing of vegetable oil and kitty litter. Though I don’t do much cooking nor do I throw away kitty litter in the kitchen garbage…


Life In Pieces
S02 E05
“Steps Dinner Professor Lesbian”

For those that do not already watch Life In Pieces (you should), this show breaks each episode into 4 “pieces” – one for each part of the family.

Steps: That’s just plain wrong! But Jen did the right thing – fake it, no one will ever know. Of course, she did make one big mistake and that was she showed Lark Star Wars without him… who does that?! The best part of this piece was when Jen was explaining to Lark that this was a “bad mother but good wife” kind of moment.

Dinner: The young kids offering marriage advice to a not-yet-married-but-very-senior-to-them couple was priceless. Especially the end of this segment regarding “Oh maybe there is something they can teach us” regarding their 45 minute break for alone time upstairs.

Professor: Have to say, jealousy looks ugly on John. Of course, he turned out to be correct that Joan’s writing professor has the hots for her, but still not his place to chime in. I’m wondering if this piece will continue on to next week’s episode, normally this show doesn’t carry most story lines through, but we’ll have to wait and see. Anthony got a kick out of  John stating “I stayed after the flush. That’s got to mean something.” after he read Joan’s work.

Lesbian: This whole segment had us in stitches. From the lesbian bar (near the airport) to Tim’s enthusiastic response to Heather wanting to kiss another woman, we were laughing almost the entire time.


We’ll be back home Sunday night, hopefully in time to see one or two episodes live maybe (though we prefer to watch most of our shows taped so there are no commercials). Reminder: This week is the GIANT 4-part crossover between Supergirl – Flash – Arrow – Legends of Tomorrow, so we will be watching all of those live (as usual actually). Very excited to see how well this plays out, the trailer has gotten my hopes up! What TV are you excited about this week?


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