Gilmore Girls is baaaaaaaack!

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
S01 E01

It’s 3 am and I’ve just finished watching the first episode of the new Netflix original – Gilmore Girls. Ok, so it’s not “new” but a revival of a classic we all know and loved that ended almost a full decade ago… or so we thought! And now for a breakdown on the rollercoaster of emotions that I experienced while watching.

I laughed & giggled a lot – particularly when Rory couldn’t find her lucky dress (or underwear), when Lorelai and Rory gulped coffee in the middle of the night after a stress-relieving tap dancing session, and especially when Rory ended up handing out vegetables to shoppers at the store when all she was really trying to do was get phone signal.

I gasped – when Logan came into the picture again. Though in previews I’m seeing other exes so we’ll see what happens with that I suppose. I also gasped when Emily Gilmore appeared in JEANS and a “Candies” t-shirt. Who saw that one coming?! Another thing I did not see coming was Doctor Who’s Alex Kingston (River Song) as Rory’s “Naomi Shropshire” who she will be co-writing a book with. I absolutely love Alex Kingston’s spirit and that bit was pure gold.

I cried – when they buried the patriarch of the family, Richard Gilmore. They beautifully captured the moment, and it hit home for me due to the passing of my father in December of 2015, just under a year ago. I’m sure it was an emotional moment for the actresses themselves as they lost a colleague and friend in the actor that played Richard, Edward Herrmann when he passed in December 2014.


Just a few short months ago Anthony and I actually visited the set where Gilmore Girls and many other famous TV shows and movies have been filmed over the years. On our 1 year anniversary we took a tour of WB’s backlot in beautiful Los Angeles, among other activities in LA and San Diego. This is just one of many photos we captured during our tour through the backlot. We had the opportunity to learn about how the experts stage winter scenes (as shown in this episode), how they can customize the buildings to match the style of the show, and we were even able to tour the inside of one of the buildings! I highly recommend this tour to anyone that will be in the LA area, I found it to be way more personalized and entertaining than the tour we took while at Universal a few days later.

With only 3 episodes left in this “season” (that’s punny since each episode is named after a season of the year), I am going to have to pace myself. Each episode is a whopping 90 or so minutes, so it will likely take me about a week to finish out the season along with other regularly scheduled TV show consumption.

Have you watched this episode yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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