What I Watched Tonight

I’m starting something new tonight – going to blog a bit about the TV shows Anthony and I watch on a nightly basis. I’ll write a little blurb about each episode, what I thought about it, if I cried (I cry a lot when I watch TV, depending on the show), and what I think is happening with the show as a whole. Basically just a place to dump my thoughts during/after watching, but I will not be rating the episodes because I think that’s just weird.


—> Warning: There will be spoilers. <—


I cannot stress that enough. In our home we welcome spoilers, Anthony reads synopses online and sometimes I read things online… doesn’t spoil the show for us. But if you’re not into spoilers and haven’t watched the episode that I’m writing about, do not read it! 🙂

Ok, so now that I’ve explained what’s going on, here are the shows we watched tonight:


The Flash
S03 E07
“Killer Frost”

Soooooooo glad they didn’t drag out the whole “Caitlin is Killer Frost and she’s evil!” thing. Of course, this is The Flash we’re talking about, which is notorious for being a quick-moving show that doesn’t linger unlike sister-show Arrow. I also like that she did not turn evil. We’ve already seen fully evil Killer Frost so I enjoy seeing a mix of the two and look forward to the shenanigans that brings.

Finally Wally is getting powers in this timeline too now! Of course things aren’t going smoothly just yet and we’ll have to wait and see how this affects him and his family. Joe of course didn’t seem to excited but he’s going to have to get over that considering Wally is already faster than Barry was when he started out.

As other fans have suspected for a while, Julian is definitely Alchemy. Sadly, I was slow to pick up on it though normally I see things like this coming from a mile away. I’m sure there is tons more to come on that front, though I don’t particularly like this “Big Bad”.


S07 E08
“You Sold Me The Laundromat, Remember?”

Yep, right out the gate I’m going to admit I cried during this episode – specifically when Ian was Lip’s character witness at the hearing. The story he told was so touching and really said a lot about Lip, it’s a shame the school didn’t take him back and he’s in another downward spiral. Hoping it’s a short one.

Fiona’s breakdown at the laundromat is exactly how I act when my house is a mess or I’m feeling particularly hopeless. I have laughed until I cried countless times, so I’m glad to see I’m not alone even if Fiona is a fictional character.

It’s interesting to me that Frank is actually seeming to be a productive member of his family, but I’m sure it’s going to be short lived! Time will tell but at least they have a new washer that works. Though I’m sure with the laundromat that’s not exactly a concern… seriously what’s with the washing machines in this show all of a sudden?


Chicago Fire
S05 E06
“That Day”

Holy shit (yes, in this blog sometimes I will cuss when appropriate). #Brettonio!!! That was a very spicy way to start the episode. Yes, just yessssss. I like the two of them together, probably because it makes Gabby super uncomfortable.

Love that Herrmann had a chance to lead the team a bit but did he really just make himself at home in Casey’s office? I mean, you have to act the part I guess. Stinks that he bombed out in the meeting, essentially ruining his chances at becoming a Lieutenant. Probably wasn’t the right position for him based on how he feels.

Something to mention on this show: I can’t see the particularly gory parts. However, with that said I typically listen to the shows more than I watch them so it’s all good.

Did Gabby just hit a guy with the ambo? Yikes. Then again, like she said no one listens to the sirens and the guy seems to have been trying “suicide by ambo”. Maybe I missed it but how did the Truck team transport the girl who fell through the skylight to Chicago Med if they didn’t have an ambulance? If someone knows, please educate me in the comments.

I really don’t like Casey and Severide being at odds, so when the episode started out I was sad to see they were still taking cheap shots at each other. So glad they could unite to take down the man who burned down his home to kill his wife.


This Is Us
S01 E08
“Pigrim Rick”

This is one of the shows that often makes me cry, apparently I am not alone. Look at those moments and feel all the feels if you need a good cry today. Even the actors can’t watch it without a good cry.

Anthony snickered “SNITCH” almost immediately as the episode began the last week recap – when they replayed Beth confessing to Rebecca’s voicemail that she knew Rebecca had been in contact with Randall’s birth father. Soon after, a group GASP occurred when the cranberry sauce hit the floor. You could just feel Rebecca’s heart sink.

Kevin’s quick recap of all the ins-and-outs of his family was hilarious and really sums up how complicated this family is. Randall’s entire attitude on “Pearson Thanksgiving” was absolutely hilarious, I loved seeing more of his cheerful and playful side!

I have to say I was very excited to see how Olivia reacted to meeting Kevin’s family, and I was not disappointed. Although I was expecting snarky comments and more of her charades, they took this time to really work on her backstory and bring to light her issues which I appreciated.

This show is so poetic in the way that they magically connect the past and present without you realizing it at first. The evolution of the “Pearson Thanksgiving” traditions was really neat to watch and leaves you feeling like a part of the family. I almost cried when Kevin passed the Pilgrim hat on to Miguel (actor Jon Huertas who I’m obsessed with due to his time on Castle, my favorite TV Show of all time, may it RIP). The confrontation at the dinner table was terribly hard to watch, but completely necessary. I’m surprised I did not cry during this episode!


Tonight was a particularly light night in terms of TV Shows, normally we watch at least 5-6 episodes depending on length of the episodes we watch. Tomorrow we’ll be on the road to visit family for Thanksgiving, but never fear! We have a Plex server we can connect to from anywhere, so check back in around this time tomorrow for updates on the next episodes we’ve watched.

PS – If you want to see a complete list of the shows that I watch (Anthony’s list is slightly different) you can click the link in the sidebar anytime.

4 responses to “What I Watched Tonight”

  1. Engine 51 transported the girl to Chicago Med, per Lt. Hermann’s orders. That’s why he had a fit in the meeting…because he had to be held liable for it.

    Love, This Is Us! Love Sterling Brown’s character, Randall. But loved him in Army Wives as Roland too.


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