Should Bigger Dogs Get Bigger Treats?

It should be no surprise to you that I have 4 rescue dogs, a rescue cat, and also a chameleon. This post is about the dogs in my life – and a question I’ve been asking myself for months if not years. 3 of the dogs are quite small while one is a giant compared to the rest.

Here’s the breakdown on their weights so you can get an idea:

Miguel– 7 lbs
Splotchy – 8 lbs
Mackey – 14 lbs
Theodore – 45 lbs
(There’s more info on them here.)

Your initial thought may be “bigger dogs need more food, so yes give them more treats too!” Well, I am not talking about nutrition here, as treats in our home are solely for bribery or reward. In fact, most of the time I use training-sized treats like these for our dogs since they are small enough for everyone to chew (Theodore has a permanently broken jaw).

What are your thoughts? Let me know your opinion in the poll or comments.

2 responses to “Should Bigger Dogs Get Bigger Treats?”

  1. I try to use the tiniest treats possible because I know when training I’ll need a lot. While it’s true bigger dogs can tolerate more treats, I like treats to make up as small of a percentage of my dogs’ diets as possible– so teensy treats for everyone!


  2. As long as it’s something special, the size doesn’t make any difference. It’s the reward concept and getting a new taste that isn’t part of the normal meals.


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